Potential Irish fracking ban receives support from Irish parliamentary watchdog

A potential ban on fracking has received support from an Irish parliamentary watchdog, according to The Belfast Telegraph.

The cross-party investigation, conducted by the Joint Committee on Communications, Climate Action and Environment over a period of months, concluded that hydraulic fracturing creates a risk of groundwater contamination, leaks and surface chemical spills. It’s report is due to be published tomorrow (Wednesday 12th April 2017). It warns that a ‘vigorous regulatory regime’ may not be enough to prevent pollution. Furthermore, fracking operations are likely to adversely impact investment in renewable energy projects.

“The committee accepts that, while there may be economic advantages and enhanced energy security for Ireland in allowing unconventional oil and gas exploration, the committee is of the view that these benefits are outweighed by the risks to the environment and human health from an as-yet relatively untried technology” the report said.

Originally published in The Belfast Telegraph

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