South Western Energy Ltd Announce Plans to Drill

This morning Gerwyn Williams, CEO of South Western Energy who hold the PEDL licences in Somerset, gave an interview to both Emma Britton of BBC Radio Bristol and Claire Carter of BBC Somerset.

Gerwyn Williams and Louise Somerville Williams on BBC Bristol 02/12/16

Gerwyn indicated his desire to drill ‘just south of Weston-super-Mare’ and to build a ‘small modular power station’ to convert any shale gas into electricity.

Gerwyn Williams and Rachel Stevens of FFEQS speaking to BBC Somerset in an ‘exclusive’ 02/12/16

We were told to expect planning permission submissions within the year, and drilling with two years, it is now particularly important that we quickly develop the skills and capacity to watch planning permissions coming in to Somerset & North Somerset councils.

Experienced campaigner and FFNS’s awesome mentor, Louise Somerville Williams, pointed out again on Facebook that we need to look out for seismic testing and to spread the message to local landowners and farmers.


3 thoughts on “South Western Energy Ltd Announce Plans to Drill

  • 2nd March 2017 at 10:55 am


    I’ve just been given the link to this website. It’s timely because at our last meeting the campaign group of Sustainable Pill & District talked about the fracking threat and wondered what we might do.

    I can’t promise vast action as we’re pretty stretched with campaigns (!) but if we can help we would

    • 13th July 2017 at 11:41 am

      Hi Bob, thanks for getting in touch, sorry if there was a delay, I’ve just begun to review this site. Please keep an eye on our FB page here for info about meetings and other activities. It would be great to meet you.


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